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Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair
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Garage Door Repair Bothell for Complete Repairs and Installation

Garage doors are not just doors; rather they add elegance to your house. A good looking garage door can increase the resale cost of your house up to three times the previous cost. This shop offers you a long lasting and durable garage door services in Bothell, WA. They deal with complete repairs of the garage door and also new installations of any brand or type of door, opener, gate or docks. They provide garage door repair services in Bothell, WA for both residential garage doors and commercial garage doors.

Know your Problem First

Garage Door Repair

Before calling the professionals in Bothell, WA for garage door repair, note down what is the problem in your door. See, if it is not responding properly or partially etc., and state the same to the professionals.

The repairing of the garage door is not as hard as you think. You can follow certain tips before approaching our professionals.  The maintenance of the garage door should start from the construction of the garage door. A garage should be built in such a way that, it has more space.

The sufficient space needed for a two bay garage or a two car is 24’ X 24’ space. 28’ X 28’ can also be given, if you would like to have a roomy space. The size of the garage door plays a consideration role.  The standard size of the garage door in the car comes in seven feet high, eight feet tall and nine feet wide. The size will be more when it is a truck. The factor to be considered is the height of the ceiling. If there are larger vehicles, then the ceiling must be high.

The garage door cannot travel much

1)       if the track is not dent free and straight. So, one should inspect the tracks. If there is a problem with the dent, then with the help of hammer, you can tap the track until it is straight and start using it.

2)      If there are brackets or the bolts that are loose, then you must check it. You can use a screw driver to tighten the bolt and check it.

3)      The door should be checked for the grease or the excess oil that are gummed up with the rollers in the door. Clean the oil with a cloth and check. There are also reasons that dirt may stay in the rollers. Check for that too.

4)      Check if there is anything wrong with the spring. If it is an extension spring, then you can easily fix the issue. If the door has torsion spring and problem occurs, then you should call up the professionals in Bothell, WA center for garage door repair

Garage doors are precious and you cannot just trust anyone when it comes to door services or repair.  You can call up the professionals for garage door repair services at the Bothell, WA for any of the following problems faced by you.

*    Damaged/ broken garage door openers

*    Broken garage door springs (Both Torsion and Extension Springs)

*    Broken garage door tracks and rollers

*    Damaged or broken garage door parts

*    Damaged garage doors

*    Broken garage doors

*    Door Off track

*    Broken emergency release of garage door

*    Damaged section of garage door

*    Damaged Weather strip

*    Bottom garage door rubber

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