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A gate is as unique as the person who had it installed. There are many different types and each can be fitted with a unique way of opening. In this article, you'll learn about the different ways that it can be opened, and the most common malfunctions you might encounter. If you're an automatic gate owner looking for expert technicians near you, we're happy to say that your search is over. Garage Door Repair Bothell can help with all your driveway gate needs.

Push Button Wonder

Something as heavy as a steel driveway gate can be easily opened with the use of a remote. The opener is fitted with an antenna that attaches to the control box. This is what receives the signal when you push on the "open" button. The signal then travels to the actuators or the chain drive, opening the doors right before you arrive. common troubles with this method can include a broken remote or a faulty receiver. Our gate repair services include remotes and openers of all types and brands, as needed.

Typing Codes for Access

To add another layer of security, manufacturers have developed the opener keypad. With this keypad, only those who have the code can enter. If you have one that has stopped responding, this could be the result of electrical or malfunction or a signal problem if it is a wireless model. Contact us to troubleshoot, we will check all scenarios and confirm what is causing the problem.

The Automatic Doorman

Automatic openers work with the help of external and internal sensors. They can either be ground loops or light sensors. When your car trips the sensor on either side of the door, the automatic gate opens and you're able to pass through. Beam sensors can occasionally be prone to malfunction if they become dirty as they think something is in the path of the gate when there isn't. If you've cleaned the sensors and you still have an issue with opening and closing your gate, our specialists can take a look and resolve the problem.

Gate Repair Experts Close To You

You want your driveway gate to work smoothly and reliably every single day. That's not a lot to ask. Unfortunately, sometimes problems can arise when you least expect them. It's up to make sure you know who to call when that happens. It's up to us here at Garage Door Repair Bothell to take care of everything else. Get in touch with us to have a service technicians fix your problem today!

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