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Garage Door Springs

Broken Garage Door Spring?

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Garage Door Springs

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The opening and closing action of your garage door relies on a system of springs that utilize tension-based force in order to move the panels up and down. If the condition of these components deteriorates, or if they unexpectedly snap, the dangers involved in fixing or replacing them are very high. You should never try to handle these components by yourself, and instead always opt for a professional's assistance from nearby experts with skill and experience.

Two Types – One Goal

Torsion and extension springs are the two different types that are commonly used today. The extension type work by stretching when the door lowers, which causes them to become loaded with tension. They then use that tension and contract in order to pull the door up. Torsion springs use torque, which means they twist and unwind in order to help your door move. Both of these types can be incredibly dangerous, as they are under a lot of tension every single day.

Spring Replacement Done Right

When it comes time to replace a spring, whether because it broke or because it is getting close to doing so, the safest way to go is to have an experienced expert perform the procedure. Although broken springs are the result of a sudden release of tension, they are still dangerous after they snap, and your door could fall if you don't know what you're doing. Even if the component in question has yet to break, removing it and installing a new one in its place is still incredibly risky. Our technicians specialize in completing these types of tasks very quickly and effectively, without putting anyone in harm's way.

Maintenance Extends Longevity

The best way to keep these components in great condition and prevent them from overstraining and snapping prematurely is with regular maintenance. Our routine spring adjustment and lubrication services will make sure a lot of potential accidents won't manifest, and that your door is able to continue working optimally for as long as possible.

Your Local Service Team

Contact our Garage Door Repair Bothell if you need any type of spring related assistance. The help you need is not a whole county over, it's right here near you! 

Answers To Common Questions

How can I tell which type of garage door springs I have?

Torsion springs will be mounted across the top of your garage door, and coiled tightly around a metal rod. Sometimes only a single unit is used, as they are very strong and flexible. Extension springs will be pointing in the opposite direction, away from the door and across your garage ceiling, parallel to the horizontal tracks.  They're often hooked to lift cables and fastened with security cables to keep them from flying when they break. There are always going to be two extension springs. Larger garage doors may have two torsion springs, and some models use both types simultaneously.

Can you open a garage door with a broken spring?

If a spring breaks, your garage door will usually lock in place as an automatic safety feature. Even if it doesn’t though, you should avoid using the door as much as possible until you can get the spring replaced. Even if the door can still open, every use is likely to damage additional components without the spring to do most of the work and absorb the tension, and dangerous accidents are likely. Have the springs replaced ASAP. Neglecting to do this and trying to use the door (even if you can) will result in damage to other garage door parts.

How complex are garage door spring repairs?

Spring maintenance and upkeep is already a fairly involved process that requires training and skill to perform safely. Replacing a broken garage door spring is more labor intensive still, especially if your door has multiple springs. If one of them breaks, then the others are probably badly stressed and should be replaced as well. It's hard to stress enough how important it is to leave broken spring repairs to professionals. The dangers are real when it comes to this, and you'll want to avoid them 100%.

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