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Our specialists have assembled a list of practical garage door tips just for you. Browse this section to learn how to keep your door system in great condition.

Consider a side-mounted garage door opener if you have a ceiling height constraint

Don't worry, you can still opt for an automatic garage door if you have a low ceiling. To maximise space, we recommend looking at side-mounted garage door openers such as the LiftMaster 8500 Elite. Remember though, as small as it is, you still need 8 inches of space between the side wall and the track.

Garage door windows are usually on the top part of the door only

This is so that you don’t advertise to the world whether your car is in the garage. Your friends will still be able to find out if your car is in. They only have to walk right up to the garage door and peek down the windows, or maybe they should just send you a text.

Keep your fingers away from the panels

Sometimes you may need to manually open your garage door, especially during a power outage. Whatever the reason, do not try and open or close your door manually by sticking your fingers between its panels. They could get pinched and even seriously injured as a result.

Try and opt for better quality parts

Garage doors come in all shapes and sizes, as do their various parts. While saving money is a priority for many households, it is better to invest in a good, quality product that will last longer, than a cheap one that will most likely break down within a short period of time.


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